Our Story

Reaching Cultures was set up with the intent to help and improve the lives of poor, orphan and street children. Originally the foundation was focused in aiding Cambodia but 6 years down the line, it spread into donating international help. Two of the founders, Denise & Silvan are still very present activists and they are what holds Reaching Cultures together. They happen to be a married couple who have made it their life mission to aid children around the world, donating them hope and love. They have daily communication with the children who see them as stable reference points within their lives. Through the support of donors children are given an education, healthcare services and food in addition to a safe shelter. As years went by and the workload increased due to the demand from communities needing aid, more volunteers stepped in to help out. Volunteers realized firsthand the love received from such deprived children and some wanted to continue their help. A team was formed up with a common mission statement: that to help and improve respectfully the lives of poor, orphan, street children & communities around the world maintaining their dignity.

Denise & Silvan during placement in Cambodia

Denise & Silvan during placement in Tanzania

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