When aiding children who come from difficult backgrounds – who have been abused, who experienced child labor, who have been mistreated and left to fend for themselves on the streets – knowing their stories – one wants to do whatever is possible to safeguard them.

In 2014, the children in Cambodia experienced a close call to ending up in the streets.  With contracts that protects landlords and where tenants have no right – the Residential Centre was given an ultimatum to clear up within a month.  The shock was so huge for the Director that he suffered a deadly heart attack.  His wife, stepped in to care for these children who had been so important to him and she took over. 

During that time, while mourning her husband, she managed to find a new space and get it ready to move in 60 kids of all ages and the nannies.  The story did not end then.

Rented shacks costing around €40.00 monthly built over a sewage river.

With a fast developing infrastructure, Phnom Penh is modernising rapidly.  As a result land prices are going high – an issue for impoverished communities relying on donations.  In Summer 2019, the new landlord increased the monthly rent by €350.00.  This means that the centre is once again €4,200 short annually. Such a shortfall will need to be compensated from funds allocated to other necessities such as food and medicinal.

We opted to make it our lifetime mission to get these kids a safe shelter.  Our dream is to buy them a decent land, a little off the outskirts of Phnom Penh and build a beautiful home for them – where no one can ever send them off again.

We vision a playground, small dormitories, appropriate restrooms, classrooms and a library where each one of the kids or teenagers can feel safe and would never have to fear ending on the streets.

We daydream to leave them protected and secured – but dreams can become a reality only if supported.

The Buy-a-Brick Campaign aims at encouraging donors to buy a brick for just €10.00 and have their names on it. 

A total of 22,000 bricks are needed – your help is needed.