Children’s Fund Programme

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cause Summary

With 59 children living in a Residential Centre, it is no joke to meet their needs. Some may need emergency care, others may need to visit their families urgently, or they need a new shoes or better yet need books for school or transportation. The day to day running costs of the Residential Centre are difficult to calculate in advance but it is estimated that each child would need at least €1 a day for everyday needs and emergencies. The children on the other hand feel encouraged to know someone out there has their back. 59 children need reassurance.

Final goal


Fund raised




Children need the reassurance of love. For less than €1 a day a child can feel loved knowing someone out there is awaiting their news.


  • Finding a godparent for all children
  • Becoming a godparent means the world.


Finding a godparent for each and everyone of the children so no one is left out. By donating €330 yearly you get to receive photos, classwork and regular updates about a particular child - becoming their godparent.

Cause area

Phnom Penh, Cambodia