Fighting Calcium Deficiency

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cause Summary

Following a blood test in 2018; 59 children were found to suffer from calcium deficiency – a condition easily resolved with the intake of milk, cheeses, yogurts, almonds etc. With the lack of each and every item children could easily develop a weakness in their bones and teeth.

Final goal


Fund raised




It is our quest to provide each child with a good nutrition to avoid diseases such as rickets (a disease where the tummy swells up and bones are fragile as a cause of lack of Vitamin D - calcium)


  • Overcoming diseases such as rickets.
  • Cambodia being a poor country - milk is an expensive 'treat'.


Targeting in donating a glass of milk a day to each child in 2020. The total cost per month for 59 children is of €500.00.

Cause area

Phnom Penh, Cambodia