Providing hot meals daily

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cause Summary

The plan is to feed 60 children three meal daily.

Final goal


Fund raised




45 sacks of rice can feed 60 children for a month; providing them with hot meals daily. Improving the general nutrition of the children by increasing protein and nutrients intake. The meals are generally a menu of soups with local vegetables purchased at the local market or grown in their small garden and mains made out of protein and rice.


  • A daily balanced diet with proteins and vegetables.
  • Catering for all the children's needs.
  • Seafood is always very expensive and so much enjoyed by the children.


Fortunately children are not very choosy so even when the food is not their desired menu, none ever complains. Food allergies can now be catered for and no one sleeps on an empty stomach.

Cause area

Phnom Penh, Cambodia