Children’s Fund Programme

The Children’s Fund Programme targets children at a Residential Centre in Cambodia. These children are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, victims of human trafficking, orphans , abandoned babies, child abuse, child labor and victims of neglect. 

The programme helps children and youths have a better future through access to safe shelter, recreational and cultural activities, adequate formal and non-formal education and vocational training skills, thus leading to their own business, employment, and successful family reintegration.

Reaching Cultures supports the Residential Centre with food, healthcare, potable safe water and salaries.  However, these funds do not cover the expenses involved with raising a child.  Families/individuals are needed to be part of the children’s development.

How does it work?

A ‘godparent’ will be assigned to a particular child.  A godparent is the term used to refer to a person who supports the particular child. The godparent receives regular updates about his child.  Occasionally handmade cards or small letters are received from the children. 

The cost of the programme is of €330.00 yearly.  This supports the particular child with basic necessities needed, mainly educational.  The cost of less than €1 a day is not enough to support a child on a daily basis and hence more than one godparent is needed for each child.  The Residential Centre acts as the children’s family and hence the programme will support all the children, irrelevant if these are sponsored or not.  Therefore each child at the centre will have the same meals, clothes, uniforms, healthcare benefits, stationery, satchel, books & other needs. This ensures fairness among the children.

An additional advantage is that children under the care of a centre are OBLIGED to attend school and therefore education plays an important role in the lives of children, guaranteeing a better future through education – which is a very important fundamental aspect Reaching Cultures believes in.  In addition, Reaching Cultures has an agreement with the Residential Centre, where volunteers will also be monitoring the children.  Reaching Cultures will be sending the updates to the godparent on a regular basis.

If interested in joining the ‘Children’s Fund Programme ’ you are free to send payment via cheque, bank transfer or Revolut or should you have further questions, we encourage you to contact us via email on

Upon acknowledgement by email of payment received, the godparent will receive a biography and the first details of the child assigned to him.  Biographies are not shared in advance to protect the child’s data and children are assigned randomly.

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