COVID-19 update

Team Child Education, Projects 0 July 8, 2020

2020, has not been an easy year so far.

With the banning of mass gatherings and the inability to raise funds – Reaching Cultures’ beneficiaries started feeling the effects almost immediately.

We feel thankful towards those most loyal, who continued their support irrelevant of the difficult situation being experienced. Many realized that it became a struggle to provide for the children with no incoming funds.

Sanitizing hands before lesson

For the past years, Reaching Cultures, had been saving some of the raised funds. Little by little the foundation was putting aside some funds to be able to support our beneficiaries with a piece of land which could be called their own and without ever ending homeless. Such project was called the Buy-A-Brick campaign. Read more. Unfortunately the unexpected COVID-19 situation led Reaching Cultures to make use of such funds.

When countries, such as Cambodia lack basic hygiene – the purchase of sanitizers, face masks, detergents and stocking up on food ends up in unexpected expenses – unfortunately calculated in thousands.

Head-lice treatments

Reaching Cultures could not be more thankful towards the past volunteers who have each taught the children the importance of hand hygiene even when the world was not attentive enough to washing hands. This was super handy as it aided our children who despite their living conditions, managed to keep healthy.

With schools still closed in Cambodia – the children are currently having in-house daily teachings in Khmer and English. Together they create activities which have been passed on to them by volunteers. Such are cooking sessions, activities and games. Fortnight head lice treatments are also being applied – in addition to other health practices which have become entwined into their routines.

Reaching Cultures thanks the support received so far from donors, god-parents, friends and family for standing beside the cause through this difficult time.