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About the NGO

Do you employ people with the foundation?

As at to date, No.  The foundation operates with volunteers who make up the team and are responsible of specific tasks and volunteers who occasionally give a helping hand events.

In which countries does the foundation work?

Reaching Cultures as of 2020 will be aiding communities within Cambodia, Myanmar and Tanzania.  A project in Malta will be set up shortly.  Details will be published under the Volunteering section in the website menu.

Making a donation

Why should I donate?

99% of the funds collected go towards supporting projects, leaving just 1% for administrative costs, such a stationery, office rent, utility bills etc.

None of the founders or team members have their flights sponsored and the aim of the foundation is to work hard to give children and communities the possibility to become sustainable.

Aware that many NGOs ask for help and many causes are good ones - we just ask you to remember how lucky you are to have been born with the possibilities to succeed.  We just wish to give others a positive twist towards their future.

I wish to donate. What should I do?

You can visit our Current Projects page and choose a cause close to your heart.

You can then choose to donate via the following methods:

BOV Bank Account:                    

Account No: 4002271619-6

IBAN: MT19VALL22013000000040022716196

Swift Code: VALLMTMT

APS Bank Account:                   

Account No:  20001409007


Swift Code: APSBMTMT

Revolut:                                            00356 7984 0505

Cheques Payable to: Reaching Cultures Foundation


42, Reaching Cultures Foundation

Orlando Zabbar Street,

Xghajra XJR 14040


By writing your details in any form - we can then contact you to hand over the receipt and thank you personally.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, always.

Donations are always supported with a receipt when made directly towards the foundation.

Please make sure that you leave us your details when making a transaction so that we can contact you back.

Do the funds really get to the communities?

We have been set up to help improve communities.

No one within the foundation gets paid for their services.  Our aim is to provide a better world and we make sure that the partner NGOs we work with are trustworthy of the funds received.

Should a suspicion be raised with one of our NGOs - we tackle the matter immediately.  We are not afraid to stop our help should need be.


How long are volunteering placements?

Such placements are mainly 2 weeks long.  Upon requests placements in Tanzania can be extended for longer.

When are placement dates published?

Around June of the present year, placements for the following year are published.  All outbound travel dates are normally fixed.

How long before should I book a placement?

It is advisable that you book your placement as soon as you know your dates. Placements are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Do I need to take any vaccinations?

The World Health Organisation suggests that anyone visiting certain countries should be vaccinated against a number of diseases.

Such vaccinations include but may not be limited to: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, polio, diphteria, tetatus and malaria.

While such requirements differ from country to country - Reaching Cultures makes the necessary arrangements for our volunteers so such expenses would be waived off, provided that such vaccines are available for the Immunisation Clinic.

Each volunteers starts vaccination process around 3 months prior to the travel date.

Our doctors recommend that vaccinations are up-to-date prior to travel, but it is a volunteer's final decision whether they wish to be vaccinated or not.

Do I have to pay to volunteer?

Unfortunately yes.

Volunteering is not a business.  Communities we aid need volunteers because they lack enough hands to do the job.  They cannot employ local people to aid them because they lack the funds.

As a result they do not afford to pay for the travel expenses, the food or the lodging of the volunteer.

Prices vary depending on the placement choice, however lodging and food expenses are kept at very low, reasonable prices.  Flight costs vary at the time of booking.

What is the flights procedure?

Flights are purchased through a specific travel agent the foundation works with.

As a foundation we do not handle any flight transactions and arrangments are made directly with the travel agent.  Volunteers leave Malta all together in the same flight - however, they can return post placement at different dates or different countries.

Such changes can be dealt with directly with the travel agent.

How do I apply for a placement?

It is always advisable to send us an email on volunteer@reachingcultures.com.

In the section Volunteering one can find information about each specific country we offer for volunteering.

The common documents needed are:

  • The application form of the specific country you are applying for (can be obtained in each of the sub-sections in the Volunteering sections or through an email request)
  • The ORIGINAL police conduct
  • Reference letter (describing yourself and your abilities – can be written by a friend)
  • SCANNED copy of your passport
  • Deposit for booking placement (differs per placement)

We will organise a meeting with the volunteer to hand documents or otherwise these can be sent via traditional post.

I have a thousand questions prior to committing - what should I do?

No worries.

By attending Introductory Meetings being held from time to time - you can get to know more about each placement.

Often specific Country Information Meeting is held so that you can know more about the placement which most interests you.

By appointment we can hold a session where we can talk and discuss any fears, queries you may have.

Will I be accompanied during the placement?

All placements have designated local people that will be aiding you throughout the placements for any needs that may arise.

The founders Denise & Silvan will be available through WhatsApp or any other communications method available for anything and will be checking on you on a daily basis.  Please note that all placements have internet connection available.

Will I know what I have to do during a placement?

For each of our placements you will be given a set of notes that covers everything.

You will be handed syllabuses, or given tips about the placement.  Ideas of what you should do, games, activities etc.

Through the notes you will be guided for every situation that may arise.  Supplies for your placement with the children will also be provided for.

Can I donate directly to communities during my placement?

No.  Reaching Cultures works around the principal that money does not grow on trees.  As a result we do not allow or give monetary donations to communities directly in hand - but communities ask us for needs or projects they may have and after evaluation and possible funding commits with our partner NGOs.

Funds are then transferred via bank transfers - leaving audit trails where receiving NGOs have to provide official receipts and updates from time to time.

This leaves little room for fraud and a trustworthy relationship is built.

It is also illegal to donate in cash to NGOs in receiving countries.

Do I need to organise a fundraiser?

Yes.  Each volunteer is requested to organise fundraisers to raise at least a minimum of €300.00 which should reach us at least a week prior to his placement.

Such funds will be supporting any one of our current projects that needs attention.