Reaching Cultures provides volunteering opportunities to people and children of all ages.  Volunteering programmes start at 2 weeks minimum.  The foundation offers various possible placements of different cultural aspects.

The volunteering projects within Reaching Cultures are:

Our projects today have expanded so much that we are helping entire communities with basic life necessities. These include education, potable water, hygiene, medicine, food and much much more. 

Reaching Cultures is proud to offer volunteering placements starting at 2 weeks long which can be extended up to a month.  Our proud programme is designed to be efficient and community based.  Requirements for Volunteering are:

  • RESPECT towards communities,
  • RESPONSIBILITY towards the foundation and children

Joining one of our groups means you are part of a team, in a bigger picture.  It also means that one has to be a team player and abide by the foundation’s rules.  Volunteers have a series of preparatory meetings ranging from discussions, and meeting professionals such as teacher, doctor, psychologist… all of which are very important meetings to which every volunteer should be responsible enough to attend to.  These are as equally important as the placement itself.  Reaching Cultures team guides each and every group of volunteers and offers assistance on a personal and group basis from the very beginning and also post the return from the placement.

We appreciate the quality of volunteers over the quantity.

Our policy

What does it mean to be a Responsible Volunteer?

  • Respect towards the communities we work with, abiding by their laws, rules and embracing the culture.
  • A responsible volunteer is not focused on just the voluntary experience but is involved prior and post placement within the organisation.
  • A volunteering experience is given credit when volunteers are willing to dedicate themselves in helping sustain projects and work hard before their departure.
  • Prior to the placement the volunteers are required to fundraise and encouraged to attend fundraising events of the organisation to help out, additionally anyone interested is welcome to help us with the organisation of such events.
  • Volunteers will be given training prior to their volunteering placement. Commitment for training is very important.
  • An open mind is required at all times.

Do not be afraid to take the leap.  If you have many questions unanswered, or you are unsure which country suits you best for volunteering with Reaching Culutres, get in touch with us and we can help you to make a decision by giving you the right volunteering information.

Contact us on info@reachingcultures.com