During a brainstorming session, we thought to share a hashtag for our small successes. With each project we manage to support we celebrate cheerfully.

It means another milestone, it means a better life, it means there was an improvement in the life of someone; someone who has no other means except to rely on some form of help – not always financial help.

Our aim is to support communities to become sustainable. It takes time, efforts and loads of sharing of cultures and discussions; to get a community to change a way of life which they have lived for since forever. Our customs may not always be right for a particular community and both parties need to accept the cultural differences. It does not mean that either part should impose on the other.

We value the quality of life we give to the children. We prefer to get the children to school and give them a proper education rather than build schools which are later found abandoned due to lack of funds or lack of teachers. We prefer to get them to decent hospitals rather than have our own hospital which needs loads of funds to keep it running. We are aware that building a school or building a hospital gives donors something tangible to look at, but we learned that these funds most often end up in thin air with abandoned buildings and lack of professionals to run them.

One of our students on his first day in University – an achievement which was not possible in the past.

We aim to giving children the right for education, the right for food, for a safe place to sleep, for a shelter away from violence. We strive to give children an oppotunity for the future.

By doing so we support communities over long periods helping them become sustainable. We do not see community improvements overnight but over the years. Once this happen, they usually last forever – ‘Give a man a rod – not the fish!’

We cannot deliver on our own, so through the support of our donors, we make dreams happen, we make futures and we brighten the lives of those who have been deprived of necessities.

#YouSupportWeDeliver remains our motto. Check our Current Projects to know more.